Easily Automate Daily Business Processes

DocuWare is the hub for ultra-efficient workflows: documents are not only quickly retrieved, but can also be immediately processed and further distributed. This saves an enormous amount of time, improving productivity and profitability. Distribute documents promptly and efficiently to eliminate work slow-downs and bottlenecks.DocuWare uses the Task Manager to automatically inform you by e-mail when a task is pending. Mobile users are easily connected to daily processes.

Workflow Manager - A Powerful Tool improve your efficiency

DocuWare Workflow Manager module lets you create clear rules for document handling in your company, and optimize your business processes. With it you can assign tasks to individuals or groups, define exactly which events, documents, and users will start a workflow, and track it all through a workflow history.

In addition to users or role, a task may also be assigned to a substitution rule so that each workflow successfully proceeds to completion, regardless of who is absent. You can define escalations: easily set deadlines for completing tasks, and determine what should happen if a deadline is missed. This means that no task goes unfinished and the responsible person can react before a deadline passes. You can also define a secondary approval, for example, you can define a required approval if the amount of the invoice is over $5000