Access and View

Find and Display Documents

Smarter Searches, Quicker Retrieval

The success of a document management system depends on how quickly you find the information you are looking for. DocuWare makes the search both simple and convenient: search terms can be entered in full, in part, in combination, or selected from lists. Categorized and full text searches can be combined. Whichever method you use, the results are returned in a matter of seconds in a list that can be sorted as you wish. Thanks to the DocuWare universal viewer, it is not necessary to have the original application installed on the computer to read the documents in the result list.

Full text searches

DocuWare’s powerful full text retrieval feature can be combined with all supported database systems. This feature extracts text from any scanned document, and from most file formats. The full text search also allows truncation and multiple search words. Occurrences of the text are highlighted in the DocuWare Viewer in color.

Task-specific search and storage profiles

Administrators can define different search and store dialogs and result lists centrally for the same file cabinet. The fields that are available for input and preset with default values are defined by the dialog. The different dialogs can be assigned to individual users or roles. Users work either with a dialog that they need for their own specific tasks, or they can choose the dialog they need for a particular file cabinet from a list in the main window. This makes it easier and more efficient to access documents such as contracts or reports that need to be accessed regularly. Documents that belong together can be linked so that when a particular document is retrieved, the corresponding information is also available at a glance.

Mobile Document Management

Thanks to the new DocuWare mobile apps, you can carry your file cabinet with you at all times and access the documents you need from everywhere. You can load documents, view them on-screen and forward them in the workflow. A special stamp feature has been integrated for this.

So if you suddenly need an update to the finance plan at a meeting with a client, you can download it to your smartphone or tablet using DocuWare Mobile. You can sign off the budget for a new project while on a business trip or approve an invoice on the beach.With DocuWare Mobile, these devices are now even better adapted for business use. And all this without having to carry a cumbersome notebook around with you. It's available to all platforms:Android phone,blackberry phone,iPhone/iPad,Windows Phone 7 and even the latest Windows 8 tablets.