Integrate and Customize

DocuWare as a Document Hub

DocuWare is at the heart of your business: its central document pool is directly linked with the other business applications of your IT landscape.The valuable knowledge contained in your documents can now be used immediately.

Integrate virtually any application into your DocuWare Document Management System. Your ERP, inventory-management or accounting program. Your Microsoft SharePoint Server or SAP. Even your email program.You can also customize your documents from any place, at any time, without having to switch from one program to another. Access documents archived in your DocuWare system right from the business applications you’re already using.

Smart Connect - Quick Retrieval!

Smart Connect

Use Smart Connect to access your DocuWare file cabinets directly from any program you’re working
in. From your familiar user interface, one click on Smart Connect links you to relating documents.

Smart Connect reads words directly from a third-party application user interface and then uses them as search or index words in DocuWare. Documents relating to a data record opened in the third-party application are easy to call up in DocuWare – using a button displayed in the third-party application. It is just as easy to import words as index terms for documents that you want to archive in DocuWare.

DocuWare Autoindex
- Automatically synchronize with your database

Many of the documents you need to archive will already have existing categorization criteria and search words in the IT system. DocuWare AUTOINDEX retrieves this data and adds it automatically to the file cabinet as index terms, eliminating the need for manual input.

Application Example

For every accounts payable invoice posted, the accounting department enters the vendor‘s name, invoice number, date and total value. This information will be used by staff to retrieve the document from the file cabinet at a later date.

Initially, the invoice is stored in the file cabinet with a unique identifying number as the index word. This
unique number is then defined as the matchcode to be entered identically in the financial accounting database and in the DocuWare file cabinet. The matchcode – in this case the invoice number – can be used to assign records to one another. AUTOINDEX automatically adds the contents of the external record as index information in DocuWare.