Capture and Organize

Store documents in a central document pool

Get organized with DocuWare

Having DocuWare means optimal organization: documents are stored in a way that’s quick and smart. No matter where or when you need information, it can be retrieved in seconds.

Storing in Digital File Cabinets

Digital file cabinets are much like their metal counterparts. In DocuWare, you can decide how many of them you’d like and how they are organized; whatever makes sense for your company. For example, you can set up a customer file cabinet in which accounts receivable/payable invoices are stored along with complete customer correspondence including faxes and e-mail. You might also have a separate Human Resources file cabinet or perhaps one for anything relating to production and product development.

Organize It…Automatically

For quick and easy retrieval, documents are stored along with index criteria, which bring structure to your system. Indexing can be handled fully automatically: index terms can be derived from external sources, such as text files or databases, or directly captured from a document via OCR or barcode recognition. In addition, full text indexing of documents takes place in the background,or through DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing Service, a self-learning, cloud-based service that automatically indexes scanned documents, and applies “crowd learning” to similar documents.

Watch the DocuWare Printer In Action!

DocuWare Printer
– Archive while you print

With DocuWare Printer, you can archive your documents as you print -- all well-organized and even indexed with keywords.

How does it work? It's so easy! From any application, you simply select DocuWare Printer from your printer list. The rest is automatic: paper output on one side, indexing and storage of an electronic version on the other.


DocuWare Import
- Quick and Reliable filing after scanning

Scan large batches of documents and let DocuWare Import do the sorting into groups of incoming or outgoing invoices, proposals, orders, etc. Optical character recognition (OCR) scans pre-specified characteristics of the various document types.

The DocuWare Import module makes capturing and storing documents effortless and efficient. Import works in the background, monitoring selected folders on your computer, and moving files from those folders into your DocuWare system. Designed for small to medium size businesses that handle a large number of PDFs, DocuWare Import provides all you need to sort, store, and distribute files quickly and easily.

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