Advanced Security

Enterprise-Level Security

Long Term Security

With DocuWare, documents are securely stored in a way that is tamper-free. No document is ever lost, which means you are completely prepared for audits. For all matters involving claims or product liability, you’ll be prepared. If documents only need to be retained for a particular period, DocuWare will automatically monitor the deletion schedule for you.

DocuWare Speaks Legalese

AO, HL7,GDPdU, Basel II, Sarbanes Oxley and more: DocuWare meets all the conditions and regulatory requirements that are contained in these laws. Documents archived in DocuWare can easily be managed for records retention requirements. In order to conform to legal paperless processes, DocuWare integrates all types of electronic signatures: simple, advanced and qualified signatures, time stamps and handwritten signatures.


Access Rights and Disaster Recovery

Access Rights Grant Permission

Detailed access rights can be customized to suit your business to make sure that employees, customers or vendors are guaranteed to see only those documents that are relevant to them. Users and rights are handled with DocuWare’s central administration. Through the assignment of groups, roles and profiles, controlling access is both flexible and secure. Log features verify – even after several years – when and where a user has accessed a document.

Key for Disaster Recovery

DocuWare is the ideal approach for long-term archiving and as a backup to assist in the case of disaster recovery. Complete DocuWare file cabinets (along with all search criteria) can be easily copied from the DocuWare live system onto external storage media. An even easier and more secure approach: copying everything into a Cloud system. Space-stealing, expensive, and hard to protect paper archives are now officially part of the past.

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