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We Manage Your Company’s Documents

Go Digital Paper (Alberta Printer's document management division) is Western Canada’s premier DocuWare supplier. We provide full-service document management systems and specialize in the installation & implementation of these powerful tools.

Our goal is to help your business reclaim costs associated with excessive printing, lost documents and long-term document storage. We can configure a DMS that will reduce your printing costs, increase employee productivity and secure sensitive company data. Our skilled staff will come to your business and provide on-site assistance setting up your system. We also provide support for multifunction copiers and scanners that integrate with the DocuWare software. Every aspect of your document management can be delivered through Go Digital Paper.

At any time, you can seamlessly scale our service to grow with your business. Our fixed monthly service fees make your DMS costs predictable than other services, and we even keep your software updated for you. With DocuWare Online, you can access your documents from around the globe, on your phone or tablet.

Full-Featured Software

* Optical Character Recognition (OCR) learns the layout of a document and can extract common information, like invoice numbers, amounts, addresses and more. Unlimited triggers means that almost anything can be automated.

* DocuWare is a powerful browser-based platform, which means you can access it from anywhere. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to access your documents globally, from virtually any phone or tablet.

* Keep documents moving, with intelligent indexing you can route documents to a specific department or people with just a click. If the recipient is away, the system automatically notifies the sender to re-route the document, so the document doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

* DocuWare is at the heart of your business:its central document pool is directly linked with the other business applications of your IT landscape. The valuable knowledge contained in your documents can now be used immediately.

We are incredibly proud of the service we are able to offer through DocuWare. It has never been more important for businesses of all types to keep digital records, and DocuWare makes it very easy. This robust software is designed to automatically capture information from documents as they are created, which drives employee productivity and cuts down on waste. We tested several Document Management Systems before we chose DocuWare. It's really amazing stuff.

Randy Burnette, CEO

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